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At Phifer & Company we have broken the OLD Public Relations (PR), Marketing, Digital (social)  recruiter / Recruitment mold. We don’t believe in sales or the idea that people can be sold into companies or that companies should “sell” themselves to individuals. We don't believe in someone just looking for a Public Relations job or a digital social job to hang your hat. We’re dealing with Humans that are vastly different, not metrics on a spreadsheet to be sold through 100’s of cold calls. Companies are changing with the times and evolving their cultures as quickly as the digital and social world is evolving.. We believe in getting to the core of both the individual and the company. Phifer & Company is a global leader in the public relations, communications, marketing, digital, advertising, social recruitment world. We're recruiters that understand what an individual’s personal and professional goals are. We at Phifer dive into companies to ascertain what their core values are in terms of management, teams, culture, and the future direction of the company.

Phifer & Company have been instrumental in building many agencies’ award winning teams as well as corporate brands that have become game changers in the marketing communications arena.

Talent management is a whole new world in 2018, we can help you navigate that world whether you want to meet that next goal in your career, or you’re a company that wants the top talent in the field that meets your culture.

We’ve thrown out the old recruitment methods – it’s a whole new business world and an exciting time on a global level.
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