Phifer & Company

Brian Phifer

  •  CEO

What is a no-nonsense recruiter to do with himself after almost a dozen years in the business working at top agencies including Digitas, Porter Novelli, Mullen, and IQJ? Venture out on his own and establish an agency that possesses the very qualities that he felt were most important - honesty, building relationships, locating the highest level of talent, and the desire to have a good time doing it.
From a junior account executive in an advertising agency, to the next guru, onto the CEO of a global public relations firm, Brian is motivated to be the best at finding the best talent - a quality he instills in all who surround him.
A native Bostonian who has lived in Chicago, San Francisco and transplanted to the worlds capital, New York City, Brian finds its vibrant and diverse energy an inspiring force for Phifer & Company. Live lobsters dont have a chance once they’re in Brian’s sight. Nantucket red is a color of choice, with kelly green close behind . Foodie is a word for preschoolers, ask him about ramps, fiddleheads, shad roe, or speck.

Brandon Coleman

  •  Vice President

Hailing from Atlanta Georgia with a degree in Theory and Performance Theatre, Brandon Coleman joined the team at Phifer & Company to tackle of the most important roles, assist and manage the CEO Brian Phifer. As Brian Phifer’s Executive Assistant, Brandon is Brian’s right hand man. He is extremely organized, self-motivated and aware of Brian’s needs before he has the chance to realize it. This ability steams from working at top modeling agencies as a junior booker managing models daily schedules and calorie intake. Not to mention he does it all in style.

Whether it’s a Ralph Lauren equestrian style riding pant and boots or a Dior tuxedo jacket paired with jeans and green velvet Tom Ford slippers, Brandon believes in quality over quantity. His belief resonates in the Phifer & Company mission statement of only representing exceptional clients and presenting first-rate candidates with phenomenal experience.
Although Brandon is instrumental in managing the fun house known as Phifer & Company, he still finds time to assist in recruiting qualified candidates, closing deals and maintaining an upbeat work environment with his natural wit and charm. On an off day you can find Brandon languishing on his sofa with a glass of Baileys watching Dexter or HGTV and listening to Mariah Carey, Kelis or Aaliyah.

Sue Middleton

  •  Executive Talent Manager

Although she looks like Royalty, Sue is not related to “THE” Middleton’s. She should be though, after many encounters with the clan at prep school, she had her chance but decided she wanted to be a career woman. She went on to work at many top companies including Procter & Gamble, Publicis, Omnicom Group, and now Phifer & Company! Sue’s previous internal experience in recruitment and talent aquisition help her hone in on the exact individual for each position any where in the world. Sue’s been recruiting in the EMEA and APAC areas for the past 15 years.

Sue knows dining better than any Michelin, Zagat, or online guide in London. She’s also incredibly experienced in restaurants in Hong Kong, Rome, and Athens. Sue can help you find your next career and dining experience at the same time!

Michael Brooks

  •  Executive Talent Manager

Born and raised in Santa Monica, Michael is a true LA beach boy (man) surfer with a pick-up truck to follow the waves. After many years at some of the larger Advertising agencies in LAX, Michael decided to follow in his fathers recruiting foot steps to Brooks Staffing. Between catching waves and talent, Michael spends time with his three sons, wife, and two mutts (don't tell them that). He brings his creative talent eye to Phifer & Company.

Charles Lafferty

  •  Talent Manager

Gabby Kalika

  •  Senior Talent Manager

A South Brooklyn native, Gabby is a petite package of determination and stick-to-itiveness, all wrapped up in good humor and a bit of sass. Gabby is completely enamored with the recruitment business, and believes that winning is not a goal, but a necessity for herself, her clients, and her candidates. With a background in communications, marketing and legal studies, Gabby knows what needs to be done to finish the job. A firm believer in the Phifer & Company philosophy and a true Yenta at heart, Gabby is committed to finding the perfect match for her clients. When she is not making placements and kicking butt, Gabby enjoys snowboarding, spending time with her pit bulls (please adopt from your local shelters!), 90’s hip-hop and R&B, and freehand nail art and design. She believes that coffee is a crutch, flip-flops and jeans are a sin, and ice cream is from the gods. Most importantly, Gabby is fiercely dedicated to her home and work families and looks forward to working with you!

Joshua Harvey

  •  Talent Manager

A true New England boy having grown up in Massachusetts and Maine, he has been working in the Digital Marketing world both in Boston and New York City where he has mastered his knowledge of the field. Coming to Phifer & Company with that knowledge and a lifelong passion of the tech world, Joshua has taken on the challenge of matchmaker in the technology recruiting world.

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Jaime Dongil

  •  Talent Manager

Born in Madrid, Jaime spent his high school years as an accomplished professional swimmer for Spain, studying and living in the water. After graduation he chose to buy a ticket that lead him to a new adventure. Living in different cities, Dubai, Kuwait, L.A, Panama, and New York, studying communications and journalism, Jaime decided that he wanted to educate himself in an unorthodox way. Through those international experiences, he has picked up many life lessons along the way and uses them creatively to shape his professional life. A true lover of New York who believes in projection for creation! and a strong passion for finding and developing talent in public relations and media, Jaime knows the spark when he sees it. He now joins Phifer & Co. with a fresh international eye to find the ambition of those who are willing to succeed. Jaime loves scuba diving, Amy Winehouse, and has a passion for architecture within design.

Jason Croft

  •  Talent Manager

A native New Yorker, Jason brings the gutsy, confident, success-driven spirit directly taken from the concrete jungle. With a background in Nutrition and Exercise Science and an extensive customer service work history, Jason is the ultimate advocate for client satisfaction. Discipline, precision, and commitment to results are all traits he has taken from his fitness background and has now begun to use them, matching amazing talent to top roles in the PR industry. Don’t worry, there will be no need to drop down and give him 20! Jason’s customer service background balances his fitness background with an amazing attention to detail, humble disposition, and genuinely caring perspective. Clearly in Jason’s free time he can often times be found in the gym, but in addition to that he is a huge movie-goer, music enthusiast, and lover of food!

Ariel Lash

  •  Talent Manager

Ariel is from the city of Burlington, Vermont and similar to many Vermonters she is open-minded, flexible, and creative. However, just like Taylor Swift, Ariel has become an ambassador for New York City, New York City careers that is! Putting her snowboard in storage, and breaking out her networking ability, leather jeggings, and big city prowess, Ariel began her career working for a renowned international retailer in their corporate offices. With a background in communications and a passion for matchmaking, Ariel has a strong grasp of company culture and its nuances, and is skilled in finding the right talent and making the ideal match. Ariel’s innate ability to recruit and passion for PR, Advertising and Marketing industries makes her the right woman for any placement need. Ariel has her BA in Communication from St. Lawrence University. In her spare time, she loves to cook, exhaust her DVR while baking tons of cookies and explore the city.

Kyle Dunn

  •  Chief Of Organization/HR

Kyle is a native Jersey Shore boy (sans the reality tv show stereotypes) with a passion for people, personalities, and organizational best practices! He found his love for all things NYC during his time at Fordham University, getting a true 'college experience' within one of (ok, THE) best city in the world! Kyle has a strong background and commitment to client success, having worked in the restaurant and private event sector for many years. A born task-master and 'follow through fellow' - In his role as the Executive Assistant to CEO, Brian Phifer, Kyle understands the importance of efficiency; He thrives on contributing to a fun, structured work environment that aligns with the Phifer & Company culture! While out of the office, Kyle loves to spend his time with family and friends. He lives for the beach; so it's a great thing that he happens to live there as well! He has a passion for German cars, designer shoes and traveling to new places whenever he can!

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